What is WebSpamProtect.com?

WebSpamProtect.com offers protection against spam robots. Our service allows you to add verification image (CAPTCHA) to your web site quickly and easily. You can create and customize unique captcha images for your forms.

WebSpamProtect.com is now offering you customizable mail forms for your website. You can use our online form builder to design your web form, then you will get the HTML code to paste in your web page and collect submissions from your visitors. Each form can be protected by CAPTCHA you have created.

What are the requirements for using WebSpamProtect.com?

In order to protect your web forms, our system requires that you install a small piece of code onto your web page. Our code requires that your web site support PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or Perl.

Will your CAPTCHA work with a FrontPage form?

You can use FrontPage as long as you use ASP, ASP.NET, Perl or PHP for form processing. Simple FrontPage Forms that use FrontPage Server Extensions are NOT supported.

Will your service protect my forms from manual spam?

No, verification image will not protect you against a spam which is delivered manually. But according to spam statistics, less than 0.01% of all spam is delivered manually.

How many CAPTCHAs can I have?

There is no limit on the number of CAPTCHAs you can add to your account.

What are the benefits of using WebSpamProtect.com paid account?

First of all, you get more submissions than on the free service plan. In addition, you can use special rendering algorithms and background images for your CAPTCHAs. Please visit our online control panel demo.

How do I upgrade my account?

Within your account control panel there will be a link labeled "Upgrade now". Click on this link and you will be presented with a upgrade form where you can select the upgrades and submit a payment.

Can you install CAPTCHA on my web form?

Yes, we provide such service. CAPTCHA installation by us is absolutely free. Contact us to request installation.

Why I don't receive form submissions by email?

First make sure that emails for this form is correct. Log into your WebSpamProtect account, choose the form and click on "Notifications" link. On the "Notifications" screen for your form, you will see a "Email address" field. Make sure the email address is correct.

Another possible reason for not receiving emails might be your spam filter. Check your spam folder for the submission email. If it is there, make sure to set it as "No Spam" so that this would not be flagged as spam in the future.

The most probable reason for not receiving emails might be your hosting provider filter. You can enter two email addresses by separating them with a comma for notifications.

How can I update my billing information?

Please, contact the 2Checkout - is an authorized retailer for us.