Movable Type Plugin

This plugin allows you to use the service with your Movable Type installation.


This plugin is supported on Movable Type 3.2 or later. You must be registered in to get this plugin to work.


  1. Register for a account and create a CAPTCHA (verification image).
  2. Download the Movable Type plugin.
    You will get just one file called "". This file is unique for your account, so don't share it.
  3. Create a directory called "WebSpamProtect" under the "plugins" directory in your Movable Type installation and upload the plugin onto this directory such that files structure looks like so:

    |__ plugins/
    |  \__ WebSpamProtect/
    |     |__

    That's all! If the plugin was successfully installed, you should see something similar to this on the Plugins listing:


  1. First you will need to add the MTWSP_Captcha tag into all your commenting templates. Detailed information about usage this tag you will find in your account control panel.
  2. Next you will need to enable the CAPTCHA on the blog. To do so, click 'Settings' on the left menu and then click the 'Plugins' tab. Click 'Show Settings' for and check the box that appears:
  3. Finally, if you are using static publishing, rebuild the templates that you've updated.